This cute little guy lived in a field not far from my house during the summer when I was back in high school. I'd always come and bring him carrots. Once he even trotted over from the far end of the field to greet me! (An awesome feeling, by the way, even if you know it's only for the carrots...)

"Behold, we put the bits in the mouths of the horses, that they may obey us, and we turn round their whole bodies." -- James 3:3

Dawn breaks the night
hooves trampling the horizon
longing, running, waiting
Creatures singing for food
biting, kicking for the gate
the fences stare them down
holding them in bondage
notice the animals' strength and weakness
Pride. Submission.
necks bow to authority.
Watch over creation
Repair stumblings.
Trust their power.



Now that's REAL horsepower!!!

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