For Those I LOVE

God puts amazing people in our lives. Above all, I love Him. For He has blessed us continually, loved us unconditionally, protected us, provided for us, created us, saved us... died for us. All this He has done because He loves us. He loves you. I want to pass on that love. So this is for Those I LOVE...

"There will always be those I love as much as you; there shall even be those I love more; But none of these shall ever be you."

My Loyal friend, TABITHA, I have never had a friend like you! I have been to I think every house you've lived in, including the one in PNG on the other side of the world! Thank you for being a wonderful listener, fellow horseback rider, and friend. Mi laikim yu tru! =)

My Precious friend, MICHELLE, I love you. I will never stop loving you. Thank you for listening to me, for being my friend. My time knowing you has been blessed because of you and I thank you for that. May God continue to help you grow, bless you, and save your precious family. I pray for you all still.

My Sister, LORI, thank you for always being a listening ear. Thank you for your prayers and support. We have been through so much, yet there is so much yet to do. May sisterly love doubly abide =. Thanx.

My Dear friend, ELISIA, you have meant so much to me. Thank you for everything, how can I express even half of my thanks? Our friendship came as a blessing from God when I needed it most. I don't know what I would do without you. JESUS LOVES YOU, and so do I. Keep the faith, I continue to pray for you and for your family's salvation.

My Awesome friend, MARIAH, you are still in my heart. It is a rare and wonderful thing to have a horse friend who is also such an amazing friend in the rest of life. I pray that God will guide you and keep you, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in every way. I love you.

My Non-biological-twin friend, EMILY, I would be so lonely up here at Houghton without you! Yes, I would have other friends, but it would not be the same at all. Who would I have to dance (and skip ;o) )to the worship with??? I love you to death and pray your dad meets and accepts Jesus as Savior and Lord. (Praise God your mom is now a child of GOD!!!!!)

My Linguistics friend, HANNAH, you rock!!! Thank you for praying and praising God with me. It is so nice to know I have someone to go to that will do that with me! Thank you for listening even when you had no idea what was going on. I love you!!! hugz ;o)

My Trusted friend, ORI, may we stay close. Thank you for trusting me unconditionally. May God help me not to fail you, and you to forgive me when I do. He will get us both through this pain... remember that loving people is worth it. You are in my heart and I love you - I will not forget you.

My Camp friend, PEKIN, thank you for being there. I am here for you as well... I will be praying for you and your family - remember, God is in control. Rest in knowing that - don't try to fight it ;o) I love you, kid.

My Hack friend, SAM, foot and leg coordination is very important... for riding horses ;o) May you find passion in God's creation, but most of all -- in God. Go ahead, dance with your fiance. You're gonna marry Him someday, after all. Well, what else can I say? -- I love you, brother.

My Other-non-biological-twin friend, VALERIE, I know you're gonna be famous someday!!! Keep up the singing! You are awesome and I love all your "innocent" comments. I love YOU, too ;o)

My Identical-hair friend, JENNY, keep up the good work knitting and perling and such! Thanx for riding during free time up at Houghton with me; it's been a BLAST! I love you and here's another hug for your store... *HUGZ!*

My Crafty friend, KERI, remember, I love orange! (pronounced arrr-nge) I also love you. More than I love orange. Keep smiling! And someday you WILL catch a fish! =O) (or a monkey!)

My Hostess friend, NAOMI, no not the twinkie kind of hostess. The kind that lets everyone trash your room when you make food for them... *or something. By the way, you are a delightful cook and an even more delightful friend. I love you muchly hun.

My Piano friend, KATIE, you are too sweet. And extremely talented with music. Here's a kiss atop the head for someone I love.

My Church friend, DANA, I feel like I should have known you all my life =) You are awesome. Your love for God is inspiring. I know He will continue to lead you through valleys and up to the mountaintops to show you His incredible worth. I thank God for friends like you -- and for families like Calvary Tabernacle. HUGZ! XOXOXOXOXO I LOVE YOU.

My Horsey friend, SHARON, God knows you are more than that. I love you and pray God will strengthen you and cause you to grow in Him. Whatever trials may come, never forget you are safe with Jesus. Trust Him and follow Him because there is no better place than in the will of God. Thank you for being there.

My Pennsylvania friend, NOELLE, I miss you. I pray I will see you again soon. GOD is AMAZING and may He continue to teach you about His Word. I will never forget that prophecy conference, nor the friendship you offered. Jesus bless you and your family =

My Cornerstone friend, RAE, keep the faith. I will never forget how I tried to convert you in middle school -- when you already loved Jesus! lol. I hope I have learned since then. God's love shines in your life and is so obvious I never should have missed it. Love Him forever =) I love and miss you.

My Colorado friend, KATIE, thank you. You are a wonderful person and friend, although I feel I met you just when you moved. I wish I had known you before that, but someday in heaven there will be an eternity for friendship. I love you, keep in touch.

My Bardy friend, JENNY, God knows I would *almost go back to work there b/c I miss you and Little Jen so... Someday we'll have to go riding or something. Even if you never see this, know I pray for you... Yes, that's me, your krazy little religious freak friend. You know I pray because I care though. God bless you.

My other Bardy friend, LITTLE JEN, *HUGZ!!! Keep working for that car! At least so I can come visit you and hopefully put a smile on your face for ten seconds of the day! Maybe I'll see you in Youth Group again sometime. Don't give up on God, even if we all seem like Jesus Freaks who've lost their minds =. I love you.

My Creative Writing friend, TINDY CONG!, I love you girl! I won't forget 2nd period and Coach Falz, even if I don't get much chance to talk to you anymore. You are such a precious person and a wonderful friend =) I still pray for you, even if you believe you're long past believing. The most important part of history is His Story <-- that is, Jesus's Story. Keep in touch.

My Italian friend, JEREMY, you are awesome, even though I haven't seen you ALL summer! j/k. I know, I know, you've been so busy... preaching to corn stalks in Iowa... watching Jackie Chan flicks... I don't blame you for keeping your priorities straight! =) see ya soon I hope, bro. I love ya.

My Singing friend, ALICIA, yay personality books and interesting discussions! Keep on asking those questions... we all have a lot to learn. May God guide you and teach you. I love you and pray you will follow Jesus. For we are saved by faith -- Keep the faith and trust in God's wonderful plan of salvation. I hope to see you in heaven some day, hon. =)

My Sign Language friend, JESS, you're so sweet. Thanx for all the hugz you could put a smile on anyone's face =) I pray we will continue all our conversations -- the kind you, me, JoAnna, and Alicia always come upon. God bless you. I love you.

My Neighbor friend, JOANNA, life wouldn't be the same w/out you. I look back on all these years... and just thank God I had a friend like you to help me through. Thanx for always listening, even if you don't always understand where I'm coming from or what in the world I'm talking about =) I love you. You're awesome.

My *Once? Blue-haired friend, KATIE, you are so sweet and I love your clothing styles! LOL! Always ready for a laugh or a hug, you are just a totally cool person. Never forget that! God bless and I luv ya. =

My Jedi friend, MIKE, please forgive me. I'm sorry I ever hurt you. You are my brother in Christ and I love you. God bless you and may He be with your precious family.

My Guitarist friend, LOLLI, you are an awesome musician!!! You're such a cool friend, even though you do put notebook paper in my hair! heehee... Keep workin on that music page. I love you. God loves you.