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If one day...

If one day the earth shatters
like a glass ball on a stone wall
Or if one day the stars burn out
and the land lays barren and waste
If the world turns upside-down
destroyed by war for peace
If one day it comes to an end
what will remain?

Where will the rich and the famous be
and the rulers and dictators
What will the dreams of the people be
and their possessions, their cars, their toys
Where will the goals go then
when the only goal is survival
If one day it comes to an end
what will remain?

If our highest hopes lie in the dirt
where are our lowest
And if we work, work, work to die
what is the purpose
If famines and plagues bring starvation
what food is there left for the mind
If one day it comes to an end?
God will remain.

The Horizon

You are in a dream
Truth and kindness co-exist
You trust the world
All motives good
When will you wake up?
To people killing
People dying
Deceptive lies
You fall into their traps
The secret societies
The New World Order
"Accidents"are everywhere.
Yet their plans loom
Lift your eyes a moment
To the horizon
Always far away
But suddenly drawing closer
Touch the horizon
It's buildings are real
He told us what is there
He sees it
Will we ignore him?
A warning
Blatant signs
Technology reigns
to fulfill.
The horizon --
You cannot run
When will you wake up?

Once wandering a lonely fortress grey
the cold stone walls imprisoning my dreams
my panicked steps resound through narrow way
I frantic flee from fears unknown it seems
the dim grey light dispersed on pathways bare
from hidden tragedies misunderstood
through search I find a gentle solace there
I look into the crimson depths of blood
Given by one who gave up perfect life
For criminals whose sentence was but death
The blood cut through the judgments like a knife
I wash my hands and find no sin is left
But scars remain throughout eternity
In hands and feet of him who died for me.

You laugh at me and mock His name,
You say my beliefs make me strange,
You tell me I don't know what's true,
But that is what I'm telling you.
Just because so few believe,
Should that make you not receive?
This is the truth I'm telling you,
Jesus died, so you may rule.
The Son of God's own blood was shed,
For you to live after you're dead,
Yet this great gift you push away,
I know you'll regret this one day.
You blame God for all your sins,
But have you looked at what He did?
He sent His Son to wash away,
Those sins -- that you might live today.
If you will listen to this plea,
From God to you coming through me,
Admit that Jesus Christ is Lord,
For He is God, He is the Word.
And in your heart will you believe?
That Jesus rose again day three?
He overcame the devil's power,
And lives in heav'n this very hour.
Ask for His blood to wash away,
Your sins and make you white today,
He is the only way to heav'n,
The gift of God that has been giv'n.
Jesus is coming back for me,
I will soon meet Him in glory,
I'll disappear before your face,
And in your throughts this poem will race,
To know that you could be above,
If you had not refused His love.
You see -- I care for you, my friend,
Turn to Jesus before the end.

What He Did For Us

Every Betrayal is a Kiss on His Cheek,
Every Jealousy is a Nail through His Feet,

Every False Judgement is His Walk to the Cross,

Every Lie is a Whip on His Back,

Every Mockery is a Scarlet Robe on His Shoulders,

Every Pride is a Nail through His Hand,

Every Murder is a Spear through His Heart,

Every Rumor is an Insult in His Ear,

Every Rape is a Thorn in His Brow,

Every Self-Trust is His Sweat pouring down,

Every Hate is a Strike on His Cheek,

Every Lust is Vinegar in His Mouth,

Every Curse is a Slap in His Face,

Every Anger is a Spit on His Scrapes,

Every Inflicted Tear is Salt in His Wounds,

Every Idol Worshipped is a Mock to His Name,

Every Denial is a Beat on His Head,

Every Sin is Christ Crucified for Men,


A bluejay sitting on his perch
He does not move but watches me
As if to say "it's you I love"
And then he turns and flys away
Never to come back that day.

Shadows on the Wall

In the darkness, blindly saluting the ground in greeting
Sores pinching nerves, never letting go.
Silence alone a companion
Shadows whispering across bodies
Shadows! Promises of light;
Whispers! The Maker himself speaks names,
titles of creation lying dead in the night
Souls -- sleep not in ignorance
the Creator of the Universe waits
Waits? patiently, gently.
Oh God! Flesh walks and falls
Take control;
but why do You accept so black, so proud;
bones lying on the ground in blood.
Three nails tinkle to the dust
Hear the voice of God
speak through blood-stained metal.

A lamb standing as slain
blood hurries to the mercy seat
forever staining;
forever cleansing;
Jesus! Wash, oh Lord!
Enter in, Comforter and King!
suddenly backwards
the desire to obey
no more forced righteousness
Proving Who exists
no more Who doesn't

Shadows on the wall
whisper the names of creation
It is understood.
His light shines on souls;
they are His Mouth,
His Hands, His Feet
touching souls of breathless flesh
hoping all creation hears
the Shadows they write on the wall.

Discover the information superhighway.
Our ideas come from breakthroughs
Fly high Nuclear Legends
Hunting down some kind of sick burning secret
at the corners
Nothing opens up Death like War
the manhunt: got their wish,
got their wish.

Think Fast
Get out and stay out
You can't spend your whole life on Living.

Like silver raindrops from the sky
or pearly snowflakes falling down
Jade grass is covered
with rich tears
Where hope seems gone
He walks upon the snow
Treads with ease over the tears
Calms our troubled fears
The storms are His creation
The fire for the gold
To purify and cleanse us
I call out to Him, my hero
Clasp my hand and save me
from drowning in my own
Silver tears.

Twas the night after Christ died
And all through the world
The people were crying--
The boys and the girls
For Jesus, they loved Him
and followed Him well
Hoped He was the King
Who'd redeem Israel.

His blood, it poured down
On the Passover night
His friends all had left Him
With fear and in fright.
They had not the courage
Unable to stand
In the face of the trials,
Persecution at hand.

But Jesus, He walked on
Accused with our sins
and suffered huge torment
for all we have been
Forsaken alone on
that black and cruel night
The sky turned to darkness-
the world killed The Light.

With nails in His hands
and His feet there he cried
Father forgive them!
And hung crucified.
Blood, crimson red,
at the foot of the cross
the mercy seat covered;
He died for the lost.

Three nights after Christ died
He rose from the dead
He overcame Satan
And lives now as Head.
So now, dearest sinner
(as all of us are)
What will you do with Jesus
The Savior, true God.

And the world stands by
While people die
Cringe under the effects of pride
As one man's ego crushes their lives
Another kills their own flesh
Caring nothing for the souls they take
Taking what they want
Never thinking of the other
Cowards in the face of conflict
Running, hiding from their own judgments
And the world looks on
The crushed souls cry for help
No one gives them freedom
Convinced they must live for themselves
Make their own future
Work for lies believing it is truth
And the innocent cry
While the wise humble themselves
Under their burden
But the world--
The world just looks on... and laughs.

Dear friend,
      Will you now listen to these words?
Today I woke into a foreign world
The strength to rise I barely owned within
Yet rise I knew I must to start again...
The sun had not yet risen in the sky
and darkness reigned as I prepared for day
Amidst the fog and gentle dew I knelt
to ask my Lord and King to come with me.

Thus so as all adventures must begin
Renewed I rose and curious behold
the future how this tale would unfold
To work! alas how quickly tired I
and begged for zeal to focus as I longed
To learn! Oh Concentration leave me not!
I need thee by my side to read this foe
and turn it into friend that I would know!

My Lord, I cried, dear savior hold me now
this burden is too much for me to bear
Alas, king, when did loneliness walk in?
or when did I meet worry, fear, and sin?
Forgive me, Lord, and let me feel your love...
That's when He sent a gift down from above:
My child, He whispered, come receive my peace
I have before prepared for all your need.

And here, dear friend, is where you entered in
A gift of God -- you came to me again
The smile you gave to me today I kept
And your embrace I filed in my heart
I love you were your words upon my soul
My longing emptiness again made full
My friend please know how much I thank you for
Your willingness to love, to serve the Lord.

I am learning... I must walk in the depths
for another to see the mountaintops
I am learning... I must let go of love
for another to learn how to hold on
I am learning... I must give God my longings
that another one's might be fulfilled
And I am learning... I must let my heart break
for another's heart to be healed.

Yet all this time I can't but wonder
Why we cannot walk together
see the mountains side by side
learn to grasp love and each other
and maybe learn our deepest longings
don't diverge, but coincide

And somehow may our fears be broken
No more linger cold, unspoken
And on our broken hearts may fall
the other's tears to soften pieces
that our hearts may both be healed
and join together in new song...

Has it ever been so quiet
you hear the clock tick
or the wind growling in the night
or your own heart beating
Have you ever been so lonely
you could see the time pass by
and see the tears behind the laughter
and the pain behind the smiles
Have you ever been so angry
you curse your closest friend
and love your bitterest enemy
and burn your very soul
Have you ever been so tired
you can't walk that step again
and can't sleep at night
and hate change in your life
Have you ever given up?
Thrown away all that you knew
except the smallest spark of life
that burns persistently in you?
I have.

O Time when didst thou learn to fly?
O Seconds when didst thou find thy wings?
They were given thee on thy birthing day
Oh flitter about the small but many
While hours have gained the greater but few
O Time thou shalt die! The time is appointed
With time thy wings shall fly away
With time we all as thee do die

Eternity then shall laugh in thy face
While with idle hands the past you waste
Oh run, oh run! Oh Seconds hurry
Oh Minutes fly from the Hours' worries!
Oh Earth how shalt thou be divided
from time? Or on its dying day
shalt thou also pass away?
How shalt thou live without thy wings?

Oh Time! Entrapped inside thy feathers
lie many breaths which to thee cling
To live you suck their life out of them
And truly this is but your duty
To remind all those who take from thee
Must with human means repay
and give up immortality
Except that thou wert conquered by
The God who made thee, Time.

When time stops its gentle flowing breeze,
the night is caught, is trapped inside its arms.
The roses wilt, their buds, their leaves, their stems.
They fall deep into the ground.
But somewhere in the night, I see you,
white and shining like an angel.
And somewhere in my heart you are a peaceful moment,
a bright spot in my dreams
the silence broken by a tick-tick-tock,
The clock begins to move, and with it time
The nightmare passes, I wake up
to find you by my side.

When the world walks out
and you think you're facing life alone
and the closest to you are the farthest away
don't give up on life
don't give up on love;
Somebody is trying to let you know
you must learn to trust in Him alone
and the One farthest away is closest to your heart
He gives you life
He gives you love;
With every moment He longs
to hold you in His arms forever....

do you see me standing here?
no - i have fallen down
humility please take a hold of me
i am nothing - nothing - nothing
God You lift me up to be somebody
oh why is it i
what about the next one
what about the next man
better than i
greater than i
purer thoughts than mine
than my desires so fallen - so much pride
where do You take me
why do You bless me
why is it i
why did You die?
for my desires so fallen - so much pride
You take me to heaven
to be by Your side
oh God why is it i
i thank You it is i

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