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Date: 6/6/04
Location: Pacific Orientation Course, Madang, Papua New Guinea

Kunai grass along the "road" to the beach

My dorm room at POC

Today was Sunday, so we had a morning worship service and message. I got to play guitar with Tyson and Judith, Dianne Lord played the piano, her daughter played violin, and Mr. Lord played recorder. We all had to tune flat to match the piano! This afternoon, we went down to the beach to go swimming at Nagada Harbor. We all piled onto three benches in the back of the Dyna and bounced our way back down the mountain, flooring it to make it through the river ford, where it appeard another vehicle or two were stuck. (Later I learned that, in PNG, you wash your car in the river...) Then we crossed the North Coast Road and came onto a grassier stretch of road with deep puddles and sharp kunai grass which brushed against people on the side benches.

A small fishing boat offshore
The ocean was beautiful - shallow, warm, with very small waveswhere we were. Of course, warm water brings coral and all kinds of poisonous creatures, but only those who went pretty far out just got bitten up by some sealice. I feel good today - some jet lag still. I have my own dorm room with a connecting door to Julie and Kristin's room. There are some horse posters on the walls - even some Andalusians - my favorite breed! I wish it was raining tonight, and I wish there was a way to lock my door from the inside. There is a security guard who comes around between 10pm and 6am, as well as two dogs. However, our POC leader mentioned there has been a schizophrenic around who comes to steal food now and then. I pray God will protect me and all of us. I also pray I can get to know the people here at POC better. I know that God is faithful



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